Hi! I’m João Craveiro — but you can call me Cravvie !

João Craveiro

Senior Product Manager, with 12+ years overall experience in software (researching, building, teaching). 6+ years Product Management experience (strategy, discovery, delivery), mostly in B2B and platform products. Public speaking, teaching/training, coaching/mentoring and line management experience. More about me »



I regularly write about product management, leadership, and agile product development.


I’m currently writing a book on product strategy for platform businesses, based off the workshops I ran in 2020, to be out towards the middle of 2021

Public speaking

I am as passionate about sharing as I am about learning. My public speaking and training experience ranges from conference talks to classroom teaching.

Feel free to reach out, or connect with me on Twitter, GitHub, and/or LinkedIn. Please check the icons at the bottom of the page.

Photo: Rafael Silva (Creative Commons)